Perverso / La Maldita Solera

Perverso  – Tinto Genuino      

Cosecha especial [Special Vintage] ie mix of varieties, farms and vintages

Solera blend

Varieties include: Cab Sauv & Cab Franc, Carignan, Merlot, Petite Syrah, Garnacha, Syrah, Cinsault…

Alcohol: 13,9
pH  3,42
Acidez:  5,88
Azúcar residual: 1,4




  • Wine made Solera style
  • Various barrels that do not stylistically fit into the wines of the GWCo parcel wines are placed at the back of the cellar in the oldest barrels and left “to calm down for a winter or two”
  • Includes barrels of Maipo and (dry-farmed) Maule & Itata
  • Mix of varieties. Vintages 2007 – 2012


Genuine Tinto – a throwback to Chilean wine before

the boom of exports in the 90’s


  • Y ademas viene con garantia para curar penas y mal de amores

The Vineyards:

  • Too many to mention


  • Any barrel that does not ´fit´ into one of our parcel wines get´s put aside for potential inclusion in Perverso

All barrels were 

  • Naturally fermented with native yeasts
  • Caps punched down by hand.
  • Yeasts native
  • No temp control (besides opening closing windows) open tank, no nada
  • Pinch of sulfites after malolactic that finished before winter began.
  • Aged in barrels over 3-4 winters until the barrels tame down— no new wood.

Tasting note :

An evolved, complex nose, mixing ripe fruit with pungent spices and a touch of leather, raw meat and licorice, with polished, dusty tannins and good freshness.