1 Pais 2017
Single Ferment Series
Secano Interior – Portezuelo
215 BC Ferment

“The wine is super fresh and clean and is also softer, more floral, less rustic and with more finesse than the previous vintages.”    – LG   

Alcohol: 12,9
pH  3,57
Acidez:  4.1
Azúcar residual: 1,59

7872 bottles filled. (23 barrels Pais)

In a nutshell:

  • Pais from Portezuelo is called 2015 BC ferment ie 215 yrs before Cabernet. There was a bodega making Pais in Portezuelo in 1548. Cab Sauv was documented for the first time in 1763 near Bordeaux and the difference being 215. The name came to us during a talk in London (Imbibe Live Seminar) called “Chile before Cabernet”.
  • Single Ferment Series wines include fruit from more than one parcel or vineyard site and are (co-fermented) ¨in one single ferment ¨ Sometimes all the fruit does not enter the tank at same time and we simply stack on top of the fermenting tank when the next fruit is ripe — one single ferment one single wine.
  • For years we watched as the small farmers with whom we grow the parcel wines were forced to accept prices fixed [illegally] by agro-giants far below their costs for working the earth. So we developed Single Ferments as a dignified means of getting more of their wonderful fruit made into wine for export. The wines are affordable (21 usd) yet we still manage to pay a bonafide price to the farmers.

the Vintage:  In 2017 when we had devastating bushfires in Chile and a clear and present pattern emerged: the only firebreaks that stopped the spread of the flames were the small green cultivated farms of the age-old vignerons.

Denominación de Origen  Secano Interior – Portezuelo

Color: Yes

Tipo de uva: Pais from two farms


  • Ancestral farming by hand and horse
  • Naturally fermented with native yeasts
  • Open top fermenters. Caps were punched down by hand. Pressing manual.
  • No temp control (besides opening closing windows) open tank, no nada
  • Pinch of sulfites after Malolactic
  • The second fruit in the ferment was added when it is ready on top of the tank already fermenting. One continuous ferment.


  • Aged in [very] old barrels over one winter 


C r i t i c s  N o t e s


Wine Advocate Robert Parker , #239  Oct 2018 Pais 2017 Single Ferment Secano Interior Portezuelo 2017  – 215 BC Ferment – 92 Pts
The name of the País bottling changes with each vintage, and the one from 2017 is the 2017 País 215 BC Ferment, which refers to the time País arrived “before Cabernet” (215 years before!). 2017 was the year of the terrible fires in Chile, and many vineyards were affected; in many cases, the vineyards acted as fire breaks with their greenness. In this case, the grapes were too green when the fire occurred, and as a result, there are no traces of smoke here. The wines in the Ferment series are co-fermentations of grapes from different vineyards, and the vineyards that were used for this wine are different—both are from Portezuelo and were harvested earlier because of the heat of the year and the fires. The wine is super fresh and clean and is also softer, more floral, less rustic and with more finesse than the 2015 I tasted next to it. The quality of the tannins is superb. 7,872 bottles were filled in December 2017.


Descorchados 2017 Patricio Tapia
Pais 2016 Single Ferment Secano Interior Cauquenes 2016  – Second Salvo Ferment – 92 Pts
Sirvan este país bien fresco, para apagar la sed y aprovechar sus deliciosos sabores frutales y terrosos. Patricio Tapia


Wine Advocate Robert Parker , #230  Mayo 2017
Pais 2016 Single Ferment Secano Interior Cauquenes 2016  – Second Salvo Ferment – 91 Pts
I also tasted the second version of the single ferment País, the 2016 País. There is more freshness here, and it’s not only the year. In this second ferment they increased the amount of fruit from Truquilemu. There is a note of pencil lead, unusual acidity for País and very good freshness– 9,600 bottles filled. Luis Gutierrez


Pictures of this vineyard taken over the past few years: