Renacido Vineyard
Maule Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
2016 – Lot 74

16 Barrels Cab Sauv & 1 Barrel Cab Franc
5033 bottles filled in Nov 2017

This is one of Garage’s best wines ever. It is full bodied, structured, muscular and toned with pretty tension at the end. Only about 5,000 bottles made. – JS

Acidity (g / l) 5,36
pH 3,56
Residual Sugar (g / l) 1,84
Alcohol (% vol) 14.1

In a Nutshell:
– dry-farmed old vines
– traditional farming, native yeasts, low intervention
– punch down in open top fermenters
– barrel aged over two winters in French Barrels of various cooperages with two or more uses– no new wood)

We began making Cabernet Sauvignon high in Maipo in 2001. Altitude made the wines different and they struck a chord. Customers came to want more than we could produce. We have wanted to make a Cab from the South in the Secano Costero since we began work there a decade ago, but necessity had us sussing out old-vine Mediterranean varieties first. We found Cab Franc that interested us first and produced our first commercial vintage in 2o14 and now a Cab Sauvignon.

Características de la añada:
– Maule in 2016 was an almost optimal year in the Secano Interior. What began with worries about the lack of rainfall turned into a terrific quality fruit. Less rain falling led to more concentrated fruit further inland. If one manages parcel by parcel, cultivating the soil properly, the rains of any given year do not have the heightened pendulum effect many assume they should.

The Vineyard:
– Terrace of alluvial soils with the Perquilauquen river flowing around in an oxbow.
– Perquilauquen river is very unusual for Chile because it flows from the Coastal Mountains East towards the Andes passing through Caliboro and Villa Alegre bringing granitic silt with it from Coastal range. It eventually turns North to join the Loncomilla River and then West to join the Maule river and on out to the Pacific.
– Because of the strange flood plains of a river that flows ´backwards´ bridges have not been built on this section of the river and the locals must depend upon precarious ´balsas´ small single car transporter ferries with outboard motors. A certain disconnectedness follows and these communities are perhaps more traditional and / or lost in the past than most parts of Maule. Makes for great old-vine farming where horses are still the tractors of the day.

Note: that the Perquilauquen is wide and shallow like a narrow lake and this water body lends the fruit cooler conditions.

Tasting and Critics Notes :

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate # 239
Renacido Vineyard Maule Valley Cab Sauvignon 2015 – Lot # 74 – 94 Pts
I enjoyed the texture of the 2016 Renacido Vineyard, perhaps a little less elegant but with great character. I looked at my note from the previous year and was very surprised to read that I commented on the texture then as well. I often associate minerality with texture (and/or vice versa), so this has to be an expression of the soil here, an expression of granite. Because it’s Cabernet Sauvignon… 5,000 bottles were filled in November 2017.

Notes on Previous Vintages from this parcel

James Suckling .com May 25th 2017
Renacido Vineyard Maule Valley Cab Sauvignon 2015 – Lot # 64 – 95 Pts
This is one of Garage’s best wines ever. It is full bodied, structured and chewy tannins. Muscular and toned. Pretty tension at the end. Only about 5,000 bottles made. From head-pruned vines. Drink in 2019.

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate # 23o
Renacido Vineyard Maule Valley Cab Sauvignon 2015 – Lot # 64 – 92 Pts
The 2015 Renacido Vineyard is produced with fruit from dry-farmed Cabernet Sauvignon from Maule. Tasting through the Garage Wine range, it is like a roller coaster range, and there’s something unique in every wine. This one they tell me was fermented in an open top oval fermenter (like a horizontal egg, was the explanation!) and aged in used barrels for two winters. This will be released in June 2017; apparently, I’m the first journalist to taste this wine… This is their first Cabernet Sauvignon from Maule. They are releasing the wines a little bit earlier, because there is high demand for their wines. There is a red brightness in the fruit and some spicy aromas, but what’s really different here is the texture, especially when tasted next to a wine from Maipo, you notice the granite in the palate here. It’s very tasty and finishes dry. It calls for food. 3,728 bottles were filled in November 2016. This is marked Lot #64. Drink 2017 – 2027 Luis Gutierrez

* 2015 was the first year for a commercial release from this parcel

Pictures of this vineyard taken over the past few years:


Could you resist? I couldn’t. One more pick today. But that’s it that’s all for 2019 #gwcoharvest2019 #gwcorenacidovineyard #gwcocabernet

Could you resist? I couldn’t. One more pick today. But that’s it that’s all for 2019 #gwcoharvest2019 #gwcorenacidovineyard #gwcocabernet ...

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