#18 Cabernet Carignan (released May 09 – sold out)

This wine is perhaps a species of “ending of our beginning” for GWCo.
The base or core of this wine is Cabernet from the Maipo made in classic style with both floral elegance, big shouldered firmness and that deep brooding fruit of our previous vintages working with this fruit.
mgwco-18-bigVarious lots go in to this meritage some fermented hotter (30C) for tannins and spiciness and others colder for finesse and persistence of fruit.
The Carignan is fruit from Old-bush vines (aprox 80 years) whose age-old balance deep in the Maule lends complexity, spiceness, and a natural freshness and acidity that make this wine groove.
Of all this years wines this for some will be the most approachable today. For others, this will be the most cellarable long-term. You decide both camps are right.
Again we would like to thank a pair of French hands for guidance with the Carignan and a pair of organic hands for their opinions in the blending– both of them know who they are.