#14 Mountain Cabernet – El Principal

Please note that #14 is completely sold out– if you are interested in this year’s GWCo. mountain Cab, made from the very same fruit of the upper Maipo, please be in touch with Derek very soon about purchasing futures as the price will go up after bottling. Most of this wine is allocated early on but we shall make and effort if you do!
(If you feel you should have and have not received a mail from us– take a minute now and be sure your personal information is correct in our database!)
Note : this years wine is bigger than last year’s and this is why it has not yet been bottled.
Barrel # 14 Cabernet – Alto Maipo 2007
In the Bordeaux tradition, but with perhaps a little less pomp & circumstance we sold “futures” (en verde) small allotments of our #14 Cabernet this year. Thank-you to all who participated in this “first ever in Chile” scheme this year. You will all be no doubt very pleased with your investment because this particular wine has received great reviews and feedback in the press (see Wiken) — and perhaps more importantly from our wine-making colleagues. Please do not be shy about telling friends to look ahead to 2008 and buy early. 2008 futures in cases of 12 are now available and the musts to be barreled are top-notch.

deep garnet colour, big double-D fruit yet with an elegance and robustness that seem to defy co-existence

#14 was made from fruit from just about as high in the Andes on the Maipo river foothills as one can get. It was farmed with european purpose to make high-calibre Cab by a small grower who makes some brilliant wines of his own. Cabernet 2007
This was our foray high into the Andes near the banks of the Rio Claro (tributary of the Maipo). It was harvested in early may, was macerated for 11 days on its skins in frio, fermented in open oak barrels on their heads with punch down or pistonage. It was post macerated another 14 days and it grew into a beast of a wine whilst still waiting to be released. We have kept it a full year to take maximum benefit of a wine with the structure to marry and balance with the oak. It is deep garnet in colour, big on fruit yet with an elegance and freshness that seem to defy co-existence and carries tannins round, but well honed that will give it the structure to last a few long years in the bottle. It has plenty of old Cabernet cherries, dried cherries plums, a spicey mid-section, a note of honey and of chestnut, and an honest note of balsamic sweet spiciness with long [long] finish.
Please note for those of you who have note stopped in to pick up your allotment the wines are ready. please call Derek ahead of time and come and get them! For the rest see purchase details in the sales section here.