Hello American friends

You don’t need a Cadillac V-12 Coupe if you have these twelve cylinders of Garage. The case includes one bottle each of:

San Juan Cab Sauv – Lot # 91 – 2016
Pirque Cab Franc – Lot # 90 – 2015
Las Higueras Cab Franc, Lot # 92 – 2017

Truquilemu Carignan Lot 67 2015
Sauzal Vineyard Car-Gar-Mat Lot # 65 2015
Bagual Garnacha Lot # 69 – 2014 

Lost & Found Carignan
Perverso – Solera 

Isidore Semillon 2019 fieldcraft bottling
Phoenix 2018 White Pais

Pais 2018 215 BC Ferment
Cinsault 2018 – Reset Ferment

With 12 cylinders we have chosen the classics the heavy hitters and the hard to find and put them together in a 12 bottle mix. This is the best introduction to Garage. Whilst it is the best way to expand your horizons beyond the Cabernets, we have included the Cabs just to make the mix work for more people. For the hedonist with purpose — this is your means of stocking up on Garage.