Old Vine Pale # 38

GWCo-OVP-38-aOld Vine Pale # 38 – 2013

Truquilemu  –  Maule Valley
Winemaking details
This wine was grown in Truquilemu on the road to Empedrado and the coast. It was farmed by hand and horse with traditional methods. It was allowed to ferment naturally in open-top fermenters, outside of a little help through cold harvest nights with hot water bottles. Caps were punched down by hand and pressing was strictly manual. The wine was barrelled in neutral oak for about two months before bottling.
Winemakers Pilar Miranda / Doc Alvaro Peña
Comments & Critics
Coming soon not yet released to press…
Ageing potential 2013-15
Wine Analysis
Titratable acidity (g/l) 7.1
pH 3.2
Alcohol (% vol) 13.nothing
Residual sugar (g/l) 2.1
Lot # 38 Old Vine Pale is a dark rose [chilled red!] blending old vines from Maule aged for two months in barrels from cold vintage, which resulted in a bright pink-colored wine. It has a sweet nose of wild strawberries with a touch of raspberry leaf that is meant to be enjoyed fresh and without complications. The palate is fresh, medium-bodied, easy to drink and very pleasurable. Drink now.