8 Barrels Cariñena 1 Barrel Mataró
Acidity  (g / l) 6,73
pH 3,1
Residual Sugar (g / l) 2,8
Alcohol (% vol) 13,1

The Vintage:
We removed the Garnacha from Old Vine Pale this year because the wine without out quite simply harked back to the 2o12 vintage when we first bottled an Old Vine Pale. Thus the 2o16 is austere and complex—a year for the die-hards and or those who simply want to get hungry. 

The Vineyard
It is hard to imagine someone having the patience and financial where with all to plant a red vineyard in this part of Empedrado. (It is simply so cool many years) It must have taken forever for these vineyards to have come into their own. Thank god someone had the foresight to be patient all those years ago whilst the vineyard could grow old.

The Making :

  • Ancestral farming by hand and horse
  • Naturally fermented with native yeasts
  • Fermented without skins in two parts: part of the blend pressed out like a white and part made as a red without skins.
  • Aged in barrels over ONE winter— barrels third use or more.
  • Yeasts native (we add Truquilemu wine from the previous vintage to a pie de cuba)
  • No temp control (besides opening closing windows) open tank, no nada
  • Pinch of sulphites after Winter has passed whether malolactic has finished or not.

Barrel Ageing:

  • Aged in barrels over one winter— barrels third use or more.