the Cru


What is a Cru? 

Fermenting smaller blocks of Truqui separately over 12 harvests two distinct personalities emerged. A triangular block closer to the creek next to the vineyard has less natural yield. It developed greater concentration and a darker more brooding personality. So we fermented it with more stems and mostly Nadalie Noisette Toast barrels 3-4 use, and introduced a smidgeon of Syrah [from the other side of the creek] to lend weight, depth and texture.

We have bottled it separately from our Truquilemu Vineyard since 2018. (2019 is already bottled to be sure it will have almost 2 years in bottle (min) before release.

Cru is NOT the cream off the top of our well-known Truquilemu V., nor does it have more oak, but rather it is a second of two wines with distinct personalities from the same vineyard. Each is treated differently to accentuate its distinct personality.

  • Cru is born a more sturdy wine with extra stuffing and more tension. She benefits from a kind of buttressing effect that more liberal inclusion of stems produces.
  • Truquilemu V. has become more ethereal for the separation.

In 2018 both wines have less alcohol, more flavour than ever, but most of all they reveal more layers [capas] with time.

Both will develop for many years (10+) given their bright natural acidity and precisely captured fruit-based tannins, but Cru is destined for longer life in bottle.

See below :

Cru Truquilemu
D.O. Empedrado Maule Valley
Carignan Field-blend

2018             ( un-released vintages : 2019  )